The Night Keep: 22 – T.D. Trask



Welcome to the Night Keep podcast.

I had a chance to talk with my good friend Mr T D Trask about his excellent horror anthology Banquet of Souls. Its a great book and if you would like to know more check out T D Trask on his Amazon page here He also contributes to Deadsville After Dark and can be found at deadsvilleblogcomI mentioned my friends GoFundMe project PLEASE give him an RT or social media sharing at least Here is the GoFundMe PageYou can find more about Mark on the TangentBound Network siteIf you are an indie creator you know how daunting and seemingly insurmountable the odds are of creating a business venture Lets see if we can help Mark get his business dreams off the groundAnd now it appears I am part of Astro Radio Z I love the channel I love the podcast I have been a regular listener for a couple years Ive been on a few episodes with them but now I am ONE WITH THEM I also have a couple of friends who started their new podcast Story time with Raid and Reign Ricky and Holden chat about video games and whatnot Its good funCheck it out hereLastly and as always if you are an indie creator musician author game developer actor filmmaker whateverer look me up Lets chat I enjoy meeting all the different creators and I would love to put you on the podcast Drop me a line TheNightKeep


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