Episode 23 – DNT – Dolly Dearest vs. Mary Reilly

EP 23

On this DNT episode Derrick made Tammy watch the 80’s Chucky rip off Dolly Dearest, while Tammy made D watch the 90’s Jeckyll and Hyde retelling MARY REILLY.  

Which film will win?  Who actually stayed awake?  Did they even finish these films?  Tune in to find out. 


FIND ASTRO RADIO Z at these sites: 




New intro and musical break tunes are provided by amazing WI horror punk band RATBATSPIDER!!!  Check them out here:
Music:  The Frantics “Werewolf”, Dwight Pullen “Sunglasses after Dawn”,  Howling “Stand Up (Fastway Cover)”, New York Dolls “Looking for a Kiss”



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