Episode 21 – 0% Fresh

EP 21

On this episode of Astro Radio Z, Derrick and his group of guests defend one film each off of Screen Crush.com‘s “Sad List of Movies with a Perfect 0% Freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes.com“.  Tune in to hear about some films that aren’t THAT BAD.

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Mark: Megaforce

Andrew: 3 Strikes

Glenn: Firewalker

Brian:  Jaws: The Revenge

Seth: Return of the Living Dead 2

Derrick: Staying Alive

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New intro and musical break tunes are provided by amazing WI horror punk band RATBATSPIDER!!!  Check them out here:
Music: The Suspirios “Make me Wet”, C-Murder “Been a Long Time”, Frank Stallone “Far From Over”

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