Episode 18 – Brad Sykes Part 2 – Hi-8

EP 18

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On this episode, Host Derrick Carey resumes his conversation with writer/director Brad Sykes.  They discuss Brad’s lost film starring Linnea Quigley, SCREAM QUEEN, his new shot on video anthology Hi-8, conventions, film festivals, filmmaking, and a whole slew of other topics.   You even get a little more of the Witchcraft conversation, in case you just cant get enough. This interview was recorded on the, TapeACall app, so forgive the poor audio quality.  Derrick did record his voice on a decent mic, but, due to an unforeseen addiction to Godzilla films in the wake of Gareth Edward’s new film,  he was too busy to be bothered with editing in his audio.  Write him at astroradiozpodcast@gmail.com and bitch him out, the lazy fuck.  He deserves it.

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